Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Top 5: My Zalora Wishlist

For a while I’ve been looking for an online clothing store here in the Philippines where I can get stuff without having to drop by the mall but it’s so hard and if ever there was, it was so rare for me to find what I’m looking for.

So the other day when I saw Zalora, I felt relieved that finally there’s an online shop where I can do my shopping at the comfort of my own home. It’s fun ‘cause there are so much good stuff to choose from. I was even surprised to find out today that they now have a home and living section! Exactly what I’m looking for! Really cool!

Anyway, here’s the top 5 on my wishlist today. Open-mouthed smile There are so much other pretty stuff I love but let’s just stick to 5 for now.


1. Cricket Skirt from Plains and Prints

I love this aqua-colored skirt ‘cause it reminds me of cool, summer beach waves! Looks so refreshing and neat. Perfect for afternoon coffee dates my best friends!



2. Empire Pleated Dress from Nana G.

I’d love to wear this cutie dress for the office. Just pair it with a pretty blazer and later in the day, I can go straight to a friends’ tea party.



3. Baggy Boots from Palladium

This super cool and comfy boots would look good in skinny jeans or shorts, perfect for weekend getaways with the family.

Skinny Gems

4. Skinny Jeans from Plains and Prints

Since it’s still summer and it’s hard to move around because of the heat, wearing white skinny jeans is perfect to keep you comfy, cool and looking neat.

What I love about white skinny jeans is that it can be used for both casual and formal looks. Good investment piece for your closet.

5. Pastel Sunglasses from Elle

Pastel sunglasses are “In” right now and this lovely, oversized glasses from Elle are just too pretty and glam to miss!


There’s so much more I like at Zalora. I’ll write up another post about ‘em soon.
How about you? What’s Top 5 on your Zalora wishlist? Open-mouthed smile


Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DIY Chandelier Tutorial-Part 2!

I can’t believe how good and creative mommy bloggers can get when it comes to DIY home d├ęcor!

Last month, I posted about the cutie pink swatch chandelier tutorial on Hey Gorgeous! and I thought I’ve seen everything. Now look at what I’ve found on Freshly Picked Blog! I can’t help but be amazed how they could think of replacing capiz shells (which are expensive) with wax paper! So cool!


I’m really thinking of making one for my room… I love how the light and the soft paper go together {Looks elegant and expensive! lol} Only that… I don’t know how sew! Yay! I don’t know even know how to use a sewing machine.



Isn’t it gorgeous? Winking smile


Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweet List: DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier Tutorial



The other day, I saw this lovely DIY Chandelier Tutorial on Hey Gorgeous using paint swatches. I can’t wait to try it out and use it to decorate my room! So pretty---and easy!

I love Hey Gorgeous for Rhi’s pretty and easy DIY craft tutorials like the

Tissue Covered Luminaries and Ribbon Wands pictured below. The luminaries would really look good in our new home and my Mom would definitely love it!


I hope one day I can make pretty tutorials like this to post up on the blog.


Anyway, here are the links for you to check out if you are inspired and feeling craft-y.


Have a great day!




1. Paint Swatch Chandelier

2. Tissue Covered Luminaries and

3. Ribbon Wands.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fab Four: Pretty Pastels
















Spring Fling Chevron Salad Plates,  Aedriel Originals

Bicycle Flap Canvass Messenger Bag, IkaBags

Vintage-inspired Pleated Skirt, MaelleMadeByHand

Buttercream cookies, Tookies

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Party Princess

Party Princess copy3


Moulded Flower Snap, Seed

Ava`s Tea Party Lunch Box, Belle and Boo

Pastel Ice Cream Bowls and Spoons, Sur la Table

Clock OldE Circle Folk, Artma Studio

Je T`aime Pillow, Honey Pie Design

Japanese Washi Tapes,

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pretty Little Girl Dresses


On Etsy today, I found this cute, lovely and colorful children`s dresses!  Click the picture to head over to the Etsy shop!



Children's Knot Apron Dress-Modern Bloom

by Kait Emerson

$38.00 USD

Approximately ₱1,735.16 PHP


The "Stella" Dress

$38.00 USD

Approximately ₱1,735.16 PHP


The "Larkspur" Dress in Blue

$38.00 USD

Approximately ₱1,735.16 PHP



The "Hallie" Dress

$38.00 USD

Approximately ₱1,735.16 PHP


The "Hazel" Dress

$38.00 USD

Approximately ₱1,735.16 PHP


The "Stella" Dress in Pink

$38.00 USD

Approximately ₱1,735.16 PHP


The "Darla" Dress in White

$38.00 USD

Approximately ₱1,735.16 PHP



The "Stella" Onesie Dress

$29.50 USD

Approximately ₱1,347.03 PHP



The "Stella" Dresses